About Tajah

 If you no longer wake up with a feeling for life, perhaps it’s time to focus on how mindfulness can help you figure out what is missing. With everything happening in the world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, less motivated, and lack energy. 

Trust me, I know the feeling. I have been there, not knowing what direction to go, and just stuck on the feeling of blah.No need to feel ashamed of feeling this way. Many of us have felt this way, including myself. 

The good news is that I have some simple mindfulness tools and techniques you can work on to motivate and improve your mood and work towards your purpose in life or whatever it is that will make you excited when you wake up. 

A little about me


Like most women, I struggled with low self-esteem and confidence most of my life. On the outside, you could never tell, as I have always been a vibrant person. My twenties were based on clubs, being out all the time, and having a good time. Almost like I was always searching for something.I never really had much guidance, yet I always had this big vision for my future, but fear, self-doubt, and low confidence held me back for many years.

Here I am now. With the skills I learned, I created my pathway to make things happen for myself. I realized I could not move forward if I did not have a healthy relationship with myself. So, I had to work on myself. I had to start by accepting myself and practicing self-love/compassion. Once I figured that out, the road seemed a little clearer. I stopped focusing on society’s standards of what a woman should be like or look like.

I have faced many challenges throughout my journey, especially transitioning to a new life and culture. I struggled with so much self-hate as a black woman.
Self-care and self-love will make you see life in such a different positive way! I have learned to love myself and am here to guide you to feel the same about yourself.


Do any of these sound like you?

Feeling stuck in your life
No longer feel fulfilled with activities you used to enjoy
Crave excitement again in your life
Finding it hard to schedule self-care
Not sure where to start with mindfulness mediation
Feeling a lack of purpose
Want to feel good about yourself