Hello Friend,

My name is Tajah Olson. I was born and raised in Malawi and also grew up in Namibia
 I am a registered clinical counsellor and Self-Esteem/Body Image coach. I am also an exhibiting artist here in Canada and the USA.

I am passionate about working with individuals in particular women who are struggling with trauma, anxiety/depression, internal battles, finding themselves, loving themselves and navigating through life.

I wish I had known about therapy or coaching during my teens and 20s to help me with life transitions, identity, internal conflicts with self-esteem and living up to society's expectations etc.

It gives me great pleasure to work with individuals, who need a little guidance, support and a personal cheerleader. Working with me is about collaborating, being transparent and being your authutenic self.


T. Kanks Vancouver BC

It’s rare to meet someone who is so authentic, kind AND inspiring. I meet Tajah when I was feeling lost, confused, and sad as some of us might have been feeling especially over the last few years. With her help I started to see the value in myself by focusing on self love and compassion. At a time when I was wreaked with self doubt and was being unrealistically hard on myself, she came as a welcome shoulder to lean on with her upbeat personality and sympathetic ear. Through her guidance I've come to realize my greatness and Im working towards restoring my confidence in myself as a woman and accepting myself as I am. I've definitely refer any of my friends to this amazing woman, she will truly will leave you with a new outlook on life and ready to tackle whatever life has in store for you..

Therapy One on One

Is this you?

√ Struggle with self-confidence, low self-esteem and self-worth.

√ You struggle with self-acceptance and the changes in your body.

√ You’re constantly criticizing yourself and doubt your decisions and your every move.

You don't see your potential or acknowledge your strengths.

√ You keep attracting the wrong type of partners.

√ Struggle with being motivated, goal-setting, and feeling excited about life.

√ You often focus on the negative and ignore the positive.

√ Feel so pressured to conform to societal expectations 

 You want to have a better relationship with yourself.

  Constantly comparing yourself to others?

Self-Esteem and Body Image Coaching

You are not the only one that may experience insecurities about your body and yourself. So many of us are becoming so obsessed with our looks and taking extreme measures to “look perfect”, from surgery, and botox to extreme dieting, and working out in the gym for hours. Body insecurity can take many forms.  Instead of you constantly shaming your body let us understand the underlying reasons and beliefs that are making you feel so insecure about yourself. 

Let us work on your mindset, the idea of self-acceptance and how to work on yourself in a more positive way.

S. Aarons Edmonton

I was fortunate to work with Tajah as a colleague and was impressed by her warmth, empathy, skillful holistic approach and deep passion for helping others. If you are looking for meaningful change and support to birth the best version of yourself, I enthusiastically endorse Tajah.

As Your Coach

√ We will explore your thoughts, emotions, and identify the things that are holding you back.

√ Learn ways to cope with anxiety, depression and any other issues holding you back.

√ TRUST yourself and go after what you want.

√ Live your authentic self.

√ Let go of people’s opinions.

√ Help you discover what you’re passionate about.

√ Living in the moment and stop dwelling on the past.

√ Stepping out of your comfort zone, explore new territories and new interests.

√ Be comfortable asserting yourself; saying ‘No’ and saying what you want.

√ Have a new appreciation of yourself.

√ Become familiar with mindfulness practices.

√ We will explore your thoughts, emotions, and who you are and identify the things that are holding you back.

Are you wondering if a personal coach is right for you?

Personal coaching can be an incredible investment in yourself and can be beneficial in so many ways.
A personal coach can help you learn more about yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses and overcome
obstacles holding you back as well as improve on other areas that you are not satisfied with.


We could all use a little help sometimes when it comes to navigating our journeys and self-discovery.
Whether your goal is to feel more confident learn about self-love, cope with anxiety, depression, or find
fulfilment in your life.
These experiences can be challenging to figure out and cause a lot of fear and isolation.

We can figure it out together!

To read more about my art, please follow the link below.

The more deeply you understand other people, the more you will appreciate them, the more reverent you will feel about them. To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.
- Stephen Covey

The time is now to take control of your mental health and

Don't let life control you.

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