Self Love and being kind to yourself

“Self love—it doesn’t mean that everyone will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. It means that you won’t let them change the way you see yourself”

It is natural to be hard on ourselves sometimes, especially when things are not going as planned. However, there are times when being hard on ourselves can be a positive as it motivates and empowers us to work harder to achieve what we want. But when being hard on ourselves starts to impact us negatively, it can be detrimental to ourselves.   It’s time to control your life and desires and stop that little negative voice from discouraging you. I will provide you with the tools and resources to experience self-love and make it a part of your everyday life.


Self love matters…

So often, we women forget about ourselves. We’re so focused on needing to be loved by others and forget that we need to love ourselves first and have a healthy relationship with ourselves. We stress over fixing other people’s problems and experience emotional burnout because of the anxiety and stress. When relationships fail, it is so easy to fall into a deep depression, blame ourselves, start having a negative attitude toward ourselves and deny self-care and self-compassion. Some women fall deeply in love and forget about themselves as they focus on making their partners or family happy. Sometimes women forget about all the dreams they want to achieve, and it’s only later in life when they look back and realize they were busy making other people’s dreams come true and forgot about themselves. 

Signs you lack self love

You Hide Your True Self From Others
You Have a Strong Fear of Being Judged by Others
You Need Excessive Affirmation and Attention
You Have Difficult and Unstable Relationships
You Settle for Less
You lack the confidence to make a significant change in your life?
You let fear and anxiety stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone
You say negative things and are overly critical of yourself
You think others are better than you.
You blame yourself when things go wrong
You feel sad, depressed, anxious, ashamed, angry or worthless
You lack boundaries
You let other people take advantage of you

The truth is you matter too, and it’s up to you to set the standards for yourself and believe that you are loveable and worthy and deserve a happy, joyous life. When we start taking care of ourselves, we become better people. Everything else falls into place, and we can give our time to others and boundaries. Knowing your self-worth and trusting yourself are important steps to loving yourself. Once you Master loving yourself, it makes you realize what you are willing and not willing to do. You have no problem with putting up boundaries. You care about yourself and want the best for yourself. Everyone needs a bit of guidance from time to time, and a self-love coach can help you with your journey to self-love, so you can live authentically and surround yourself with positivity.

mum doing yoga with daughter

What Would It Feel Like To…

  • Believe you are capable and worthy of all your desires
  • · Wake up and know you are in control
  • · Make a powerful impact and leave your legacy
  • · Let go of negative energy
  • · Put boundaries and put yourself first
  • · Have unstoppable confidence in yourself
  • · Proud of your accomplishments
  • · Feel motivated to go after what you want
  • · Consciously evolve and expand your presence in the world
  • · Let go of fears, surrounding failure and judgment
  • · Confidently create your biggest vision ever and learn how to achieve it
  • · Know you are on the right path
  • · Know your self-worth
  • · Master your thoughts and habits so they work FOR you
  • · Positive mind state
  • · End procrastination and take action
  • · Make better decisions that work for you
  • · Putting a stop to self-doubt
  • · Increased motivation
  • · Be supported week by week, so you make consistent progress
  • · Love your own company
  • · Get comfortable with practicing self-care regularly