I was fortunate to work with Tajah as a colleague and was impressed by her warmth, empathy, skillful holistic approach and deep passion for helping others. If you are looking for meaningful change and support to birth the best version of yourself, I enthusiastically endorse Tajah…

-S. Aarons. Edmonton

I absolutely loved my sessions with Tajah. I was in a dark place when I first began my sessions with her. She provided a safe and comfortable environment for me. She was informative and knowledgeable and I am happy to say that she has guided me on my road back to confidence.

-M. Flournoy. Atlanta

“I’ve been working with Tajah while navigating a difficult divorce. I had no idea how toxic my spouse had become, and how much I’d lost myself in the relationship. Tajah has helped me gain more self-confidence and a new perspective on how to handle life’s curveballs without completely losing myself again. I appreciate her never-ending patience and her supportive way of helping me come to the answers of my own questions. I always feel better after my time with her, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs/wants a person to help them get back, and stay, on track to being their best selves.”

-K.Scruto. Atlanta

It’s rare to meet someone who is so authentic, kind AND inspiring. I meet Tajah when I was feeling lost, confused, and sad as some of us might have been feeling especially over the last few years. With her help I started to see the value in myself by focusing on self love and compassion. At a time when I was wreaked with self doubt and was being unrealistically hard on myself, she came as a welcome shoulder to lean on with her upbeat personality and sympathetic ear. Through her guidance I’ve come to realize my greatness and I’m working towards restoring my confidence in myself as a woman and accepting myself as I am. I’d definitely refer any of my friends to this amazing woman, she’s truly will leave you with a new outlook on life and ready to tackle whatever life has in store for you.

-T. Kanks – Canada

I worked with Tajah for a year and she has always made women’s mental health a priority. She is honest, uplifting, and straightforward with her advice and delivery. I admire her ability to inspire and make women feel empowered during difficult trials. Just a wonderful human being all around! 

-Tracy.S – Atlanta

I am so happy to have found Tajah! She is authentic and inspiring. When I am feeling lost, confused, sad or simply out of alignment, I remember Tajah’s teachings and am able to bounce back. She is fun and a great listener.  She has helped me realize my greatness and has given me more confidence.  I can not say enough great things about this incredible woman.  Highly recommend booking a session with Tajah.  You will leave with a new outlook on life, feeling empowered and ready to take on the day!

-B. Cherlynn – Canada

I took Tajah’s dance classes over a number of years. Tajah taught in a coaching style, always empowering the dancers. She encouraged me to step beyond my comfort zone in a variety of ways–from dancing in front of the class to eventually performing in public. This not only built courage and confidence, it was also super fun. Tajah’s coaching style is supportive, kind, insightful, and extremely empowering.

– R. Ambrason – Canada