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At this very moment, let us practice mindfulness for a a few minutes.

Focus on your breath for a few minutes. 

Feel your chest rise and fall, notice the sensation of the breath as it enters and exits your nose. 

When your mind wanders, simply return your attention to the breath.

Focus on the present moment: the here and now. 

Notice this very moment; it feels good to be alive, right now.



Self -Love Talk For Ladies - Free Support Group

Struggles with Self-Acceptance

Low Self-Esteem


Practicing self-love

Scheduling self-care


May 14th | Free  | ZOOM | 10am – 11am

Coping with Sadness on Mothers day

While it may be a beautiful celebration for many on Mother’s Day, it may not be for others. For some, Mother’s Day may bring up feelings of loss, guilt or sadness. Some may not have mothers to celebrate. Some may have complicated/ challenging relationships with their mothers. Some mothers may live far away. Some may not know their biological mothers, and some mothers may have lost their child.

Whatever your case, this event is about sharing our feelings/emotions on Mother’s Day and connecting with people in similar situations. 

Talking about it is better than sitting in silence and feeling alone. 

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